Become a Certified Nursing Assistant in Just 2 to 3 Weeks! Take $25 off Tuition if Entire Balance Paid Before Start of Class!

Become a Certified Nursing Assistant in Just 2 to 3 Weeks! Tuition to Become a Certified Nursing Assistant Costs $550. We Offer Payment Plans and a $25 Discount on Tuition When Tuition is Paid in Full!

Burgundy Scrubs




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I had an amazing experience!!!! If you are even thinking of taking a CNA course and have been calling around to find the right fit, go here! I took this class while I was in high school a couple months ago and if you are young or old and are thinking of a career change or are starting in the Healthcare field they will train you right. I got my CPR/BLS and my CNA Certificate here, passed my state test and am now working in the hospital. Couldn’t be more grateful ❤️

Fiona Nguyen

My learning experience has been so successful the way they teach is on point Ms. Sam is the bomb in teaching . U want to be a CNA go to they got you you be a part of a big family that doesn't stop growing. I love them. I went here and I got my Certificate and my license they are the bomb.

Donna Miller

👍✌🙌😘💙🆖💯😊 I got my certification through this school. Sam is great. She taught life skills that will last a lifetime . It's a personal atmosphere, like a family. If you want a reasonable education in CNA, go to Yes We CNA!

Queen Noreen

Outstanding experience!
One of a kind teacher, cares about her students and class. It is always lively and fun as we learned the information. ✨✨

Moriom Khatun

Just finished the program and it was such a good experience! Ms. Sam is such a great instructor and made learning great. I feel confident in my nurse assistant career after this class. It’s worth every penny the skills she teach lasts a lifetime!

Ernestine Beatty

Yes We CNA

Get on the path to an exciting and rewarding career as a Certified Nursing Assistant today!

Are You Ready for a New Career?

Become a Certified Nursing Assistant in just 2 to 3 weeks!

Just a Few of Our Graduates!

Hands on learning and job placement to set our student and graduates up for success!

We Offer an Enjoyable Learning Experience & Job Placement

We Offer an Enjoyable Learning Experience & Job Placement

Increased Knowledge

Increased Knowledge

Yes We CNA

Office Hours, Address, and Contact Information

Mon - Fri, 9am - 9pm

Please call ahead for personal tour and (if preferred) an in-person application can be completed.



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Class Information


Call for details 313-400-7668. Change your life by starting a new career path today!!!

Social distancing honored during training

2021 Class Calendar

Class Times:

Morning 9 am - 1 pm & 9 am - 3 pm

Mid-Day: 1 pm - 5 pm (Seasonal)
Evening: 5 pm - 9 pm

2 & 3 Week Class Dates

October 4th

Oct 25th
Nov 15th
Dec 6th

Dress Code

Dress code: Students must wear burgundy scrubs and ALL WHITE SHOES!

******(NO CROCS ALLOWED)******

You can click here to purchase your burgundy scrubs

Costs of Program, Terms, and Payment Plan

Certified Nursing Assistant fee is $550.00.(textbook included). Deposit of $150.00 for registration MUST BE PAID TO RESERVE YOUR SEAT!!!!! $150.00 deposit is non refundable. $400.00 Balance due weekly/biweekly. Take $25.00 off if full payment is made before the start of class. If you're still on the fence about enrolling, speak with an advisor soon and ask about the HIGH 1st time passing rate for the state exam and why our students are so successful!!

*Payment plans available upon request*.



We accept scholarships

CPR Certification & Other Pertinent Information

CPR certification available at this site. Fees include books, laboratory supplies, training materials, lecture and clinical practicum.

State of Michigan Proprietary, MDHSS & MiTC approved. Cannot possess a felony.  100% tuition reimbursement applies to students who pay their own tuition and are hired by any long term care facility that has Medicaid patients. See section 4801 of the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1987, 1990.

Our Mission

The mission of "Yes, We CNA" is to provide quality education and prepare it's student body with promising and rewarding career opportunities in the health care field with encouragement to pursue whatever dream the student may have. This program is committed to producing knowledgeable, highly skilled, caring and competent individuals to care for those who are incapable of caring for themselves or need assistance with activities of daily living. The goal of the program is to encourage the learner to aspire to do no harm with providing respect and dignity to each potential client in a loving and caring nature.

Our Promise

Hands on care.

Enjoyable learning environment/job placement.

Increased knowledge.

Admission Policies & Requirements

Applications for admission can be completed at the onsite training location. A thorough and interactive interview will be scheduled with the program coordinator to establish a base analysis to determine the attitude, determination, motivation and commitment to assist the potential clients he/she will be serving in the community.

Requirements for admission to the training program are as follows:

1. A thorough interactive interview with the program coordinator
2. Valid driver's license or state I.D.
3. TB skin test less than 1 year old